Following on from what a Registered SMS should be used for in 7 Uses Of A Registered SMS, here are 5 compelling reasons why you should send a Registered SMS

1. Do things differently… to elicit a response!

The response rate to a registered communication is phenomenal! 51% of customers who were contacted via Registered Communication respond proactively.

2. It’s more convenient

Registered electronic communication can be managed in-house from your desktop, laptop, tablet and/or mobile phone. Furthermore, put yourself in the recipient’s shoes. It is a more convenient channel of communication for them too. Nobody wants to take 20 precious minutes, get into a car or taxi to go to their local post office and collect a registered letter. Almost everybody on the planet owns a mobile phone, but there are plenty of people without a physical address.

3. Be proactiveMan receiving Registered SMS

Regulators don’t hold back when issuing fines for non-compliance or even lack of attempt to comply. And debtors always try to push payment terms to 90+ days. Every individual or company will try to push your limits. Communicate proactively via a trusted third party to make sure your communication is airtight.

4. Take control of your legal matters

Legal fees are no laughing matter and lawyers even charge for emails sent on your behalf. Send a formal contract, notification or other legal documentation via registered electronic communication and obtain proof of delivery.

5. Save time and money

Still not convinced? Let’s get back to basics. You will save almost half of what you pay for delivery of a registered letter and four times that amount for a courier service. Time delays are a thing of the past. Your notification can be delivered instantly.

Did I just hear you say “It’s a no brainer!”?

“The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles” Oren Harari