We are pioneers in the field of registered electronic communication solutions. Our team of specialists provides a wide array of communications strategies, platforms and channels to various vertical industry sectors.

Our team specialises in communication strategy formulation, process optimisation, transactional data and legislative conformance. We ensure that all your registered electronic communications are secure, compliant, and legal. It’s our job to formalise your digital communication.


Registered Email and SMS services


Registered Communication is a market leader in innovative and niche communication technology. We engage with stakeholders to encourage meaningful change in digitizing processes. 



With a track record dating back to 2015, we are pioneers in providing registered digital channels that hold legal recognition in South African magistrates and high courts. Over the years, we have assisted more than 700 financial service providers, legal firms, schools, and debt collectors, earning their trust. Our integration with 13 software partners has further streamlined our services, resulting in over 2 million Registered Certificates currently in circulation.





Meet Jackie, a seasoned Director hailing from the dynamic world of small, niche businesses in the telecommunications industry. With a wealth of expertise in this field, Jackie has thrived in this environment, delivering top-notch communication services and implementing cutting-edge SAAS solutions to both corporates and SMMEs. Her extensive skill set encompasses account management, finance, administration, marketing and personalized training.


Meet Norman, an Electronic Communications expert leading groundbreaking initiatives in South Africa. With a wealth of experience in research, product development, and relationship roles at international banks, Norman has spent the past 7 years empowering the Financial Services industry to embrace customer-centric communication strategies, revolutionizing the flow of B2B and B2C information. His extensive client exposure spans global and local corporates, government entities, and small businesses.


Meet Mark, the dynamic Head of Sales at Registered Communication. With a solid background in the communication and lighting industry, He previously spearheaded the  project management of energy efficient lighting projects in South Africa. Mark’s skill set spans data analytics, sales, distribution and finance, but he is best at forging meaningful connections with customers. Since joining in 2018, Mark has been driven to boost sales both locally and internationally, firmly establishing his mark on the company’s success.


Meet Brad, a seasoned pro in the electronic communications and integrated telephony system scene with 16 years of expertise under his belt. Throughout his career, he’s skilfully overseen products like VOIP and mobile messaging, impressing both local and international corporate clients with his knack for corporate account management, technical prowess, and program coordination. Brad’s true strength lies in his ability to strategically choose the perfect technical partners for Registered Communication, skilfully integrating their technology into our own tech stack while flawlessly managing the intricate web of integration tasks between Registered Communication and our valued customers.

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