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Send, track and prove delivery of your registered emails

Simply cc our registering address.

No implementation or plug-ins

The certificate is shared with the sender and recipient

Guaranteed chain of custody

Time- and process-based cost savings

Sending a Registered Email is a simple as:

  1. Registering your email with us.
  2. Then simply copy in our registering address mail@mailcert.registeredcom.com on your important emails.
  3. Send your message
  4. Receive a certificate showing proof of delivery

The Registration Certificate

The Registration Certificate is delivered to both the sender and the recipient. It includes sender and recipient details, date and time stamps, domestic or global digital signatures as well as the content of the email, including the attachments. It is a far superior service to that of traditional paper-based registered mail.

Uses for Registered Email

  • Letters of Demand / Notification of collections
  • Notification of a change in terms and conditions of existing contracts
  • Sending and receiving account opening documentation
  • Confirmation of proof of payments, and/or unsuccessful transactions
  • Delivery of certificates or reports
  • Notification of eviction
  • Acknowledgement of Debt / Debt Prescription notifications
  • Default loan notifications
  • Notification of deadlines
  • Changes to personal data
  • Pick-up and delivery notifications
  • Employee communication
  • Setup a Registered Inbox to register incoming eMails


Secured by a Trusted Third Party

As an international telecommunications operator, we store proof of your communication for 5 years.
Proof of delivery using digital communication is compliant with section 19(4) of the Electronic Communications and Transactions ACT, 2002