1. Legal Acceptance
The High Court of Pretoria (case 83408/2016) recently accepted both Registered Email and Registered SMS as suitable document distribution channels.

The particular matter involved an Order of the Court authorizing the Applicant to serve notices for a Rule 46A Application via ‘SMS message per mobile phone’ and ‘by Email’. As per normal requirements, the Applicant needed to ensure accurate distribution of the required documents via the authorized channels and submit a proof of the communication as part of the court pack. The Applicant made use of our Registered Email and Registered SMS services in order to make the notice distribution and collation process compliant to the Order. The audit trail provided by Registered Communication’s certificate makes the process efficient, and pain-free.

2. Efficiency

  • Both the Registered Email and Registered SMS messages were confirmed as delivered within minutes
  • The Return of Service reports were compiled and distributed on the same day as the initial distribution of the notice
  • The format of the Return of Service reports allows for easy inclusion into the Court application

3. Flexibility
No additional software installation is necessary in order to send Registered Email and Registered SMS messages.

4. Auditability
The full chain of custody and Return of Service reports were compiled (by a neutral 3rd party) and returned directly to the Applicant

5. Cost Savings
No software fees, no monthly subscription fees, no minimum usage requirements. The only fee is a standard, per message.

The result is a convenient and effective method of distributing electronic documents when required to do so by the High Court.