The communication world has become an intensely invasive part of everyday life. You probably spend more time on your devices than conversing with your partner.

Ouch. That hurts!

This obsession with being connected 24/7 has a major impact on how companies interact with customers and market to prospective clients.

Most people who are online today are suffering from online saturation. Being connected 24/7 means our brains are working overtime, sifting through and gathering more data than ever before. Human beings are literally rewiring our brains circuits, using our short-term memory and decision making areas of the brain more than we traditionally did.

In today’s world, people need to be engaged and engaged quickly. The game has changed. There isn’t time or capacity to read in depth documents about products, mandates or new contracts.  The huge rise in infographics and video clips is evidence of that. Our brains process visuals 60 000 times faster than text.  As our lives have drifted online and the pace of keeping up becomes more taxing on our brains, we demand instant gratification. “Now fulfilment” as I call it.

So what does all of this mean to your company? In particular the communication with your customers and stakeholders that is required by regulators, for example mandate management or KYC. And how do you communicate when limited by privacy policies and POPI?

It means client interaction has to be customised, real time and available to your stakeholders across multiple channels. It means you need to engage proactively with good awareness campaigns and guide customers through a quick, logical and user friendly way to tick your remediation boxes.

We use CoRE for validating customer details, mandate management, upgrading contracts or updating KYC details in real-time. It allows our clients to interact with customers through multiple channels in order to update customer information.

SMS engine for mandate management and KYC remediation

CoRE – Remediation engine for mandate management and KYC compliance