Registered SMS delivery to a mobile phone

So you may be asking the fundamental question, “How relevant is a Registered SMS to me?” New technology is fantastic, but how applicable is it? How will it change my life for the better?

Indeed, how can you use registered electronic communication to your and your companies’ advantage? We’ve listed just 7 of many uses of a Registered SMS.

1. Debt collection

Collecting overdue debt is usually done by traditional mail channels or by phone. The post office has (various) challenges and South Africans don’t always have a postal address. But 99% people have a mobile phone. Communicate via Registered SMS and we’ll provide 3rd party proof that you notified your debtor.

2. Rental leases

Notify a tenant of overdue payment direct to their mobile phone. It’s fast, convenient and shows a full audit trail of the message.

3. Cancellation of a contract

Cancel an existing contract using a reliable electronic channel. We’ll provide a certificate showing the full audit trail of the communication, including proof of delivery

4. Notification of a change in terms and conditions

Ensure your processes are compliant and send notifications through the most direct, easy and fast channel. Don’t be burnt by the Consumer Protection Act!

5. Formal notifications to employees

Appointing new staff? Need to dismiss an employee? Send formal notifications direct to a mobile phone. Don’t be burnt by the CCMA!
See more on How To Communicate With An Absconding Employee.

6. Public administration notifications

Still relying on traditional paper based channels to deliver fine/penalty notifications? Replace registered letters with registered electronic communication. Save time and money and ensure you can prove delivery of the message.

7. Change in personal data

Make it easy for your clients to update or validate their personal information to a registered SMS inbox. The content is certified specifying the date and time of the delivery from that number.

You read correctly that we also register incoming messages with registered SMS Inbox’s (see point 7).

If you aren’t already using Registered SMS, it is time you add this cherry onto the top of your brilliant communication strategy.