Blackboard depicting 5 misconceptions

What are the myths and facts about registered electronic communication? We put the common misconceptions to rest.



“It isn’t legal”

 The legislative acts that govern and facilitate the use of electronic communications have been in place since:
–          1986 (US) – 30 years old!
–          2000 (UK)
–          2002 (ZA)
–          2007 (United Nations)

 “Nothing is more secure than a physical signature”

Nonsense!  Click here to see why.

“My Customers aren’t tech-savvy”

–          9.7 million or 59% of people aged between 18 – 34 years in South Africa have personally accessed the internet in the past year. 95% of these accessed the internet using their mobile phones! (AMPS2014B)
–          As at 22 July 2016, the World Bank estimated that there were 149 mobile phone users per 100 people in South Africa, which translates to 77.1m mobile subscriptions!
Which non tech-savvy Customers are you referring to?

“My current (manual) process works just fine”

 Maybe it does…  but you also moved away from a perfectly functional fax machine… little did you know at the time that the cost of paper, telephone connections and general efficiencies added up so quickly!

“New technology is unstable and unreliable”

Correct.  This is usually the case, not to mention the greater risk of defects.
Our tech, however, has been operating globally since 2005.


Benefits of early adoption

  • Get ‘one-up’ over the competition – achieve both cost savings as well as efficiencies (less error due to manual re-work) by utilizing modern electronic alternatives.
  • The Global Village will catch up – even though you may think you’re a local player, technology now allows for international competition. You need to be thinking like an international giant.
  • 25 hours in a day – efficiency equals money! Being able to ‘do more with less’ resources has a direct impact on your bottom line.  Embrace the change!