Engage in a conversation with your stakeholders, prompt action and achieve objectives


Communicate cost effectively


Proactively change behaviour


Stay front of mind


Ongoing communication


Cross-sell and upsell

How does it work?

Regulation and compliance requirements are becoming ever-stricter across various industries. Companies are required to Know Your Customers (KYC), manage debit order mandates correctly and show attempts to remediate deficient data.

CoRE is an automated rules based communication engine that caters for these needs. It allows clients to communicate pro-actively with minimum impact, delivering integrated communication channels that cater for customers who are connected almost 24 hours a day. Instant communication happens on their terms and through their channels of choice. CoRE provides flexibility for today’s diverse, informed and demanding customers. 

We work together with companies to design a omni-channel, bi-directional communication process flow with automated business rules. The data received from the recipient is used to verify a customer, remedy customer records, then prompt for additional automated actions through the various communication channels.

CoRE provides practical communication solutions for a connected world.

Uses for CoRE

  • Mandate management
  • Updating customer details for KYC
  • Remediation
  • Interactive marketing campaigns