Contracts exist to enforce the promises that are made between two or more people.  As more and more companies facilitate transactions over the internet, the demand for efficient electronic contracting platforms continues to grow.

Key benefits of electronic contracts match those found in all forms of e-commerce, namely: increased speed, enhanced security, and lower transaction cost.

Increased speed:

  • Prevent any unnecessary delays in finalizing contracts resulting in improved performance
  • Never have to wait for paperwork to be shuttled around (the world) for signatures before a needed contract is put in place

Enhanced security:

  • It is easy to tamper with / alter / amend paper documents without your knowledge
  • Electronic signatures are more secure than ink signatures

Lower transaction costs:

  • Human error, such as signing mistakes, slow down the process or cause eventual costly problems, especially if initially undetected
  • Don’t forget the obvious savings on items such as paper, copying, packaging, and shipping – these costs may seem minimal, but they add up

How does Click & Sign work?

This online contracting platform enables contracts to be signed online via multiple devices. The sender uploads the document and can request signatories to sign by:

  1. Clicking an ‘I Accept’ button,
  2. Typing a One Time Pin (OTP),
  3. Adding a handwritten signature, or
  4. A combination of all 3

Once signed, we issue a Registration Certificate containing all the data of the communication and the signed document attached to it.

Click & Sign also caters for single and multiple signatories, joint signatures, joint and severally signed documents as well as a hierarchical signature structure.


Time and process-based cost savings

Fantastic customer experience

No software required

Blockchain compatible

Advanced eKYC customer validation features

Can it be integrated?

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