NICS: Tertiary Education Debt Collection

Less than R10,000 was spent. Over R1 million collected. 

The Brief: New Integrated Credit Solutions (NICS*) piloted the Registered Email service to determine whether this would be an effective channel to improve collection rates with debtors. NICS were collecting on behalf of a tertiary education provider and the outstanding amount was 12 months in arrears.

The Approach: NICS sent a Section 129 notification by Registered Email to the debtors to elicit payments. A certificate showing the full audit trail of the Registered Email communication was then emailed to the debtor.

The Results: Of the debtors who responded:

  • 23% of the responses made contact and queried the email
  • 59% of the responders made payment arrangements
  • 18% settled their outstanding debt in full

To find out why a Registered email increases collections, download the PDF here: Case study: Tertiary education debt collection

*NICS is a well-established national provider of credit management and debt recovery solutions

 “We will definitely use Registered Communication going forward. This innovative technology certainly aids our digital business strategy and is another effective tool to collect outstanding debt.

– Caleb Makakaba, Operations Director

Builder running from debt

Construction Company X: Letter of Demand

The Brief: The client supplies materials in the construction industry and needed to issue a letter of demand to a contractor who had outstanding debt. They were unable to ascertain the whereabouts of the “run-away builder” and therefore couldn’t contact him using traditional means.

The Approach: The client used Registered SMS to send a letter of demand to the recipient.

The Results: Registered Communication registered the delivery of the SMS and provided the client with a certificate confirming delivery of that message. This enabled the client to initiate legal proceedings. The contractor also responded to the Registered SMS, which provided further confirmation that the letter had been served to the delinquent contractor.

“This is such a fantastic service. At the reasonable prices, it just makes so much sense! R16 is definitely money well spent when formal communication trails and/or high impact is required.” – Construction Company X

“Your service is very useful in terms of issuing final letters of demand and notification of intention to hand over for debt collection” – Construction Company X


JD Group Absconsion Process

The Brief: The client wished to decrease the cost of notifying employees who absconded. The CCMA requires employers to send out 3 warning notices as well as a final letter to the employee in a certain time period.

The Approach: The client ran a proof of concept with our eNotification services, namely Registered Email and Registered SMS services based on the contact details provided by an employee.

The Results: Proof of delivery was received within minutes, clearly visible on the certificate, which was emailed to the relevant HR personnel as well as stored on the user’s portal for 5 years.The client realised a 79% savings on their existing communication process which was outsourced to a third party. The process is now more efficient, compliant with CCMA legislation and it is managed in-house.

“We are thrilled to announce that we are satisfied with the solution and the outputs hereof and will adopt this as the preferred solution.”

JD Group Financial Services


Atlas Finance Debt Collection

The Brief: The client collects delinquent debt and is required by law (National Credit Act) to notifying the debtor via a Section 129.

The Approach: The client sent the Section 129 notification by Registered Email to recipients who had chosen email as a preferred method of communication.

The Results: 51% of customers contacted via Registered Email respond proactively, reducing the “elapsed Days” requirement in the NCA (130). The client enjoyed speed of electronic delivery and reduced cost of using registered mail or outsourced 3rd-party providers. Proof of delivery was available in real time and managed in-house.